TFYCPO #207 (2017.05.28)

May 28th, 2017


A State Of Love And Trust: The homo-gay agenda/ Gohmert's space colony/ Kenneth Adkins/ A loving home, with same sex parents/ Terror and hubris, in the house God/ Who's watching your kids?/ Based on the content of their character/ Killer cops exonerated/ Laughter convicted/ Desiree Fairooz/ Our strained relationship with police/ The effects of that relationship, and what needs to change/ Dale Hanson/ A colony within a country. A break from politics: My life-long struggle, with mental illness/ Body Dismorphic Disorder/ A dangerous secret/ Getting help/ Finding a balance/ Changing my running relationship/ Being a fit parent/ Adding years to your life/ Adding life to your years/ A ratio of 1 to 7

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