TFYCPO #249 (2018.04.22)

April 23rd, 2018


A Cold Summer Approaches: The Amoc begins slowing/ Swamp Thing Scott Pruitt/ A potential permanent winter for Western Europe/ Tongue baths for Donald/ A mutant enzyme, and our problem plastics. Loyalty And Liars: James freakin' Comey/ Morally unfit/ Arresting political enemies/ Sean Patrick Hannity/ Client #3/ The day the news broke/ The Hannity crime family/ Transparency vs Conservative media/ The professional Conservative victim/ Another myth begins to die/ The current state of American media


TFYCPO #248 (2018.04.15)

April 15th, 2018


The Boys Are Not Alright: Michael Ian Black/ A lost generation/ Slaughter of the soul/ Protecting our boys/ Fixing what's broken.  I've Found Peace, In Your Violence: Ryan robs his constituents, then calls it quits/ 21 Trillion dollars/ The crumbling GOP/ Nicole Wallace, Steve Schmidt and telling the truth as a Republican/ Gaslighting/ The future of TFYCPO/ NeoNazi Tennessee/ In God They trust/ The class is the church/ The erosion of the white vote/ Trump's shrinking base/ 2018 vs 1992/ The new "Year Of The Woman"


TFYCPO #247 (2018.04.01)

April 1st, 2018


The Iron Fist Of Facebook: Zuckerburg thinks you're a dumbf**k/ The howls on Capital Hill/ A Channel four, hidden camera investigation/ Cambridge Analytica/ The FB files on you/ The #deletefacebook movement/ The hidden threat of Pixoneye/ A surveillance society emerged, before our very eyes/ The data aquisition and technology accountability and security act of 2018/ The Facebook Truman show/ Working the refs/ The wall begins to fall. A War On People: The Christian case for killing drug dealers/ Open admiration for murderous dictators/ The opioid diaries/ The real US drug problem/ The real US drug dealers/ Shatterproof. Washington's Jay Inslee: MTP on SB6617/ The fight against transparency/ Inslee slays the dragon/ Inslee vs Trump/ Fighting for peolpe in the era of Trump


TFYCPO #246 (2018.03.25)

March 27th, 2018


The Civil Rights Reversal: It's been 50 years/ America is great now!/ The Conservative case against education/ DeVos, is Trump's Bill Bennett/ The car wreck, on 60 minutes/ The omnibus budget/ The fight against Dreamers/ The darkness of living with dark skin/ A deplorable celebration/ The assault of compassionate Conservatism/ As Christian endorsement for Gitmo/ A Christian endorsement for waterboarding/ And now, the Christian endorsement for killing drug dealers/ America's Duterte/ President Sociopath/ The Christian endorsement of an antichrist/ Bobby Kennedy, March 1968. Meet Kevin Rudd: The way forward, on the American gun buyback/ Shout Out to the March For Our Lives, Kids!


TFYCPO #245 (2018.03.18)

March 17th, 2018


The GOP Is Outracing Itself: CPAC's Ian Walters/ The black mistake/ CPAC's Matt Schlapp/ Steele claps back/ "Humble yourself, boy!"/ A dark future, for a big tent/ Arizona's racist races/ Sessions sues California/ White supremacy as Justice Dept. Policy/ The rats flee SS Trump/ A White House on fire. From Stormfront To Stormy: Trump loves domestic violence/ Rob Porter and John Fetters/ The history of the GOP defense, of domestic violence/ The next chapter in the Stormy saga/ Michael Avennati/ Trump: every woman lied/ Ivanka on her perverted father/ Mona Cherin, a GOP journalist is rejected for telling the truth/ The racism, and the misogyny... and a party that can still win in America


TFYCPO #244 (2018.03.11)

March 10th, 2018


We're Under Attack: Mike Pompeo/ Christopher Wray/ Admiral Mike Rogers/ The warning/ The Russian attack/ The bots/ The sock puppet/ The West Wing denial of Russian meddling/Trump blames Obama/ The Russian connections/ The witch hunt, that's producing indictments. Playing Dictator: The New trade war/ What tariffs mean/ Trump works for Putin/ The March 18th Russian election/ Gun grabber Trump/ Trump against due process/ The spineless GOP/ Xi Xiaoping becomes president for life/ Trump plays dictator/ The Russian missile threat/ Professor Condoleezza Rice on Russia/ The real consequences when playing pretend/ The 2020 US inauguration for President-elect Putin


TFYCPO #243 (2018.03.04)

March 5th, 2018


When The Children Lead: The latest pile of dead children/ The students and the teachers/ Thrust in to the light/ The blame shift/ The NRA ads, Post FL/ The listening session/ Arming teachers/ Accelerating the student murder rate/ Terrorist leader Wayne LaPierre/ Emma Gonzales/ Kids aren't dumb/ Flooding the zone/ American violence/ For Facts sake/ All Lies Matter/ The White House welcomes the reprieve/ Gutting the ADA/ Thank God for dead children/ Never Again/ Operating without rules/ The exhaustion, Followed by action


TFYCPO #242 (2018.02.25)

February 26th, 2018


Russkaya Amerika: 13 lucky indictments/ The 2018 Russian interference/ Tillerson accepts meddling/ Wisconsin/ David Daley, Ratf**ked/ The intelligence officers, go before Congress/ Acknowledgement and acceptance of 2016 meddling/ Welcoming 2018 meddling/ Deaf, blind, and self-absorbed/ In defense of Steele/ Nunes and Trump as Russian agents/ Charlie Savage outlines the right-wing Russia script/ Trump outraged at leaks/ The West Wing firehouse of leaks/ The lack of security clearances in the Trump WH/ How the GOP steals elections/ The Neo-Nazis running for the GOP/ Poland's new holocaust denial law/ It's time to forget the GOP/ H.R. 1562


TFYCPO #241 (2018.02.18)

February 18th, 2018


The State Of The Uniom, Is Bigly: Misspellings galore/ Pretend unification/ Self congratulations on the economy/ Democrats Trump Treason/ Halfway through the 4th quarter/ The truth about black unemployment/ Cleansing and eradication/ The language of tyrants/ For Facts Sake/ Exploding the debt/ The Two Santa Clause Theory/ Draining the US Treasury/ Time to start robbing the vulnerable/ Trump's destabilizing language/ Own the rise, own the fall/ Trump gets his shutdown/ The GOP economy is kicking in/ The economic fall has begun


TFYCPO #240 (2018.02.15)

February 15th, 2018


Carrying Cross of Homicide Part 2: One day, of the gun fights in Congress/ A Pulse survivor speaks/ Both sides: Gun control vs those who are wrong/ God answers prayers in a Texas church, turned slaughter house/ In defense of murderers/ American exceptionalism?/ Are we really so different?/ Fareed Zakaria in 2012/ Gun owners, against mass shootings/ A frozen Congress/ A mirror for American society at the end of 2017/ This fight is not over/ Only kindness matters


TFYCPO #239 (2018.02.11)

February 12th, 2018


Me Too, Year Two: 300 Years/ A network protecting a pedophile/ Aly Raisman/ What fresh red hell?!/ A Milligan for a molester/ Franklin Graham/ Evangelical voters backing sexual assault/ Alana Evans/ Paul S. Ryan/ Why Stormy matters/ A surge in female candidates/ Male-Ness under fire?/ Hasty Pudding breaks with 230 years/ Halsey speaks/ When feminists fight, chauvinist win. Death Threats Against The Free Press: Bradley Whitford/ The Post/ Don Lemon/ The CNN mass shooting, that almost was/ Truth will win


TFYCPO #238 (2018.02.04)

February 4th, 2018


A Rolling Constitutional Crisis: The Logan Act and The Hatch Act/ Comey, the beginning/ The Sessions recusal/ The gutting of the Justice Dept./ The poisoning of the FBI/ The secret Memo/ The secret society/ The Russian bots/ The Trump, FNC feedback loop/ Trump off script/ The perjury trap/ The endless defense of a perpetual liar/ The Trump-Nixon White House/ The definition of collusion/ It's not a crime, if committed by Trump/ The end of the beginning. Fighting For The Slave Owners: The media fog machine/ The Saturday Night Massacre/ Trump's Nixon SOTU/ Watergate Russia/ Driven by demons/ A new American identity


TFYCPO #237 (2018.01.28)

January 28th, 2018


The Cruel Parody Of Representation: To old for DACA/ Jorge Garcia/ Breaking up families/ The right wing media lies about DACA/ Trump plays kiss ass with " His African-Americans"/ The shutdown marketing/ The "complicit ad"/ The violation of the Logan Act/ The troop pay issue/ The GOP shutdown/ The Trump shutdown/ Thomas Kawczynski and voluntary racial separation/ World confidence falls/ Will democracy survive?/ It's all up to you...


TFYCPO #236 (2018.01.21)

January 22nd, 2018


The White Noise Of Washington: Bleephole countries/ The myth of the absent black father/ The missing black men/ Stats on black fatherhood/ The facts about race and welfare/ The best words?/ In honor and defiance of MLK/ Racist motives in federal spending/ Con media ignores the issue/ Shifts their focus to Communism!/ Take them out/ Norway/ Canada/ Russian birth tourism at Trump properties/ Backward America/ White babies are all white with Americans/ Trump welcomes a terrorist attack/ The reasonable Americans coalition/ The dream is still alive


TFYCPO #235 (2018.01.14)

January 14th, 2018


The Bottom Of The Ocean: The stable genius/ A slow burn/ The explosion/ Fire & Fury/ Matthew Peterson/ Twitter fingers/ The frightened bully/ A dumb, unfocused, toddler/ The dumping of Bannon/ Who gets custody of the Nazis?/ The Mercers call the shots/ Performing for the Breitbart constituency/ Isolation/ Slurring/ The mental state/ Dr. John Gartner sounds the alarm/ The Trump state/ A ruthless dictator/ The facts get buried/ The congressional enablers/ The future of the presidency as a business


TFYCPO #234 (2018.01.07)

January 7th, 2018


The Fiction We Live: The ballad of Milli Vanilli/ Fire and fury/ The fall in winter/ The political cash, that brought us here/ The 25th amendment/ 100% of the cabinet/ The budget is still Obama's/ West Wing cell phone ban/ Carl Bernstein/ David Gergen/ The Saturday night massacre/ The FBI is Trumpland/ The final year/ 4 weeks in hell, every month/ 10 questions we should never have to ask/ Words banned in the new year/ Issue based campaigns/ Herrera Beutler is an accomplice/ The poison contributions/ Melvin for Congress 2020


TFYCPO #233 (2017.12.31)

January 1st, 2018


The United States Of Kansas: A sacred trust/ How explode the deficit: A guide for deficit hawks/ No hearings, and no debate, is how GOP law is created/ What you need to know/ Winners and losers/ A warning for Kansas/ The legitimacy of an unpopular president/ With one year until implementation. The Fight Ahead: Seven words/ The RAPE PAC/ Trump suing protestors/ Promoting violence, from the White House/ The Guardians new suit/ Alexa's raised fist


TFYCPO #232 (2017.12.17)

December 17th, 2017


A Climax Of History:  A celebration of the end times/ Women for Roy Moore/ Lenny Bernstein/ Antisemitism as a pillar of GOP politics/ Christian integrity tarnished/ In defense of Nazis and paedophiles/ Two face McConnell/ The takeaway from the Alabama election/ The predator in chief/ A new American low. The Fight For The Future: This week in regulatory capture/ Alex Azar/ Ajit Pai is going to lose/ The Congressional Review Act/ Dictators adopting the "fake news" slogan/ Net neutrality died. So, what now?/ Our strategy for 2018/ Chattanooga. Partying Like It's 2008: The global economy/ Bail-ins/ Eying the next great depression/ Trump selling the tax scam/ The Sanders revolution is fighting it


TFYCPO #231 (2017.12.10)

December 11th, 2017


Horses And Sparrows: The opinion shapers/ State sponsored misinformation around the world, and at home/ The evolution of talk radio, as propaganda/ The growing wealth of the 1%/ The New Great Depression/ Forbes lashes out/ Disastrous consequences/ The killing begins/ The coming SS and Medicare cuts/ The rich helping the rich/ Horses and Sparrows/ The fight over the AMT/ This isn't over/ There is still a worthy fight ahead


TFYCPO #230 (2017.12.03)

December 4th, 2017


The Battle For Internet Neutrality:  The Trump/Nixon White House/ The comment period/ What you need to know/ Here is what it could look like/ Here's why we're fighting/ Portugal's paid prioritization/ Past net neutrality cases/ The fast and slow lanes, are coming/  States Right will be null and void/ Battle for the net, Round two/ Mark your calendars/ The failed Project Veritas sting/ China's internet is coming to America/ Cannot remain both ignorant and free


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