TFYCPO #235 (2018.01.14)

January 14th, 2018


The Bottom Of The Ocean: The stable genius/ A slow burn/ The explosion/ Fire & Fury/ Matthew Peterson/ Twitter fingers/ The frightened bully/ A dumb, unfocused, toddler/ The dumping of Bannon/ Who gets custody of the Nazis?/ The Mercers call the shots/ Performing for the Breitbart constituency/ Isolation/ Slurring/ The mental state/ Dr. John Gartner sounds the alarm/ The Trump state/ A ruthless dictator/ The facts get buried/ The congressional enablers/ The future of the presidency as a business


TFYCPO #234 (2018.01.07)

January 7th, 2018


The Fiction We Live: The ballad of Milli Vanilli/ Fire and fury/ The fall in winter/ The political cash, that brought us here/ The 25th amendment/ 100% of the cabinet/ The budget is still Obama's/ West Wing cell phone ban/ Carl Bernstein/ David Gergen/ The Saturday night massacre/ The FBI is Trumpland/ The final year/ 4 weeks in hell, every month/ 10 questions we should never have to ask/ Words banned in the new year/ Issue based campaigns/ Herrera Beutler is an accomplice/ The poison contributions/ Melvin for Congress 2020


TFYCPO #233 (2017.12.31)

January 1st, 2018


The United States Of Kansas: A sacred trust/ How explode the deficit: A guide for deficit hawks/ No hearings, and no debate, is how GOP law is created/ What you need to know/ Winners and losers/ A warning for Kansas/ The legitimacy of an unpopular president/ With one year until implementation. The Fight Ahead: Seven words/ The RAPE PAC/ Trump suing protestors/ Promoting violence, from the White House/ The Guardians new suit/ Alexa's raised fist


TFYCPO #232 (2017.12.17)

December 17th, 2017


A Climax Of History:  A celebration of the end times/ Women for Roy Moore/ Lenny Bernstein/ Antisemitism as a pillar of GOP politics/ Christian integrity tarnished/ In defense of Nazis and paedophiles/ Two face McConnell/ The takeaway from the Alabama election/ The predator in chief/ A new American low. The Fight For The Future: This week in regulatory capture/ Alex Azar/ Ajit Pai is going to lose/ The Congressional Review Act/ Dictators adopting the "fake news" slogan/ Net neutrality died. So, what now?/ Our strategy for 2018/ Chattanooga. Partying Like It's 2008: The global economy/ Bail-ins/ Eying the next great depression/ Trump selling the tax scam/ The Sanders revolution is fighting it


TFYCPO #231 (2017.12.10)

December 11th, 2017


Horses And Sparrows: The opinion shapers/ State sponsored misinformation around the world, and at home/ The evolution of talk radio, as propaganda/ The growing wealth of the 1%/ The New Great Depression/ Forbes lashes out/ Disastrous consequences/ The killing begins/ The coming SS and Medicare cuts/ The rich helping the rich/ Horses and Sparrows/ The fight over the AMT/ This isn't over/ There is still a worthy fight ahead


TFYCPO #230 (2017.12.03)

December 4th, 2017


The Battle For Internet Neutrality:  The Trump/Nixon White House/ The comment period/ What you need to know/ Here is what it could look like/ Here's why we're fighting/ Portugal's paid prioritization/ Past net neutrality cases/ The fast and slow lanes, are coming/  States Right will be null and void/ Battle for the net, Round two/ Mark your calendars/ The failed Project Veritas sting/ China's internet is coming to America/ Cannot remain both ignorant and free


TFYCPO #229 (2017.11.26)

November 26th, 2017


The Paradise Papers: Bernie's 2011 warning/ What are the Paradise Papers/ The Guardian investigation/ Shining a bright, white, light/ The Panama Papers/ Corporate welfare/ Nike is not a shoe company/ The lack of accountability when corporations break the law/ Where are the protests?/ Why we need to fight/ Wells Fargo as the face of theft and corruption/ What we need next. The Cuts That Kill: The "user fee"/ Every cut and every cost/ A deeply unpopular plan/ The deep infection in our body politic/ Setting up the GOP for 2024


TFYCPO #228 (2017.11.19)

November 19th, 2017


Carrying The Cross Of Homicide, Part One: Beginning with kindness, Then devolving into violence. It all began, with Sandy Hook. Remember their names: Dylan Hockley and Anne Marie Murphy. The cold dark right, and the "truthers" that lurk in the night. The NRA promotes terror, and coddles the right. They'll defend your terror, but only if you're white. Numb to the numbers, and indifferent to the plight. The public remains silent, while the bodies pile high. From " Democratic Operatives", to "The Boyfriend Loophole", to "Thoughts and Prayers". We have to understand the talking points, before we can build a coalition


TFYCPO #227 (2017.11.12)

November 12th, 2017


The Aristocracy Was Ill Prepared To Quell A Revolution: Indivisible 2017, The 1st wave/ A night of firsts/ The GOP's victim's, hit back/ Tomorrow's leaders/ Wasser-Gate 2.0/ Democrats struggle with unity/ Keeping the momentum/ The GOP's anti-adoption and anti-abortion amendments/ The Alt-Right adopt Papa John/ The Satanic Temple of Three Rivers/ Don't spare the rod/ Paddling returns to Texas/ Light pole, airbags/ Smombies/ I'm dreaming of a war on Christmas


TFYCPO #226 (2017.11.05)

November 6th, 2017


A Mirrored Prison: Get off of Facebook/ 126 million/ Papadopolous is the real story/ Joy Reid v Jenn Kerns/ The Uranium distraction/ The hard eye rolls, at Fox News/ Putin threatens American media/ Jail for Hillary, a Patriot pedestal for Donald/ Rick Stengel on propaganda/ Murdochs drum beats, to the rhythm of greed/ The media is more trusted, than Trump/ The GOP tax scam/ The Wharton School evisceration/ Truman in the GOP and greed/ The Kochs change their tune on deficits/ Dr Gail Furman/ The poor, pay more/ The final word on the 7th Amendment/ It's go time. Defeat the tax scam, and defeat the GOP


TFYCPO #225 (2017.10.29)

October 29th, 2017


Blessed Are The Moneychangers: Donald daycare/ Looking at welfare, for the poor/ Seven lies, spread on TV and radio/ Inequalities/ A whopping $36/ Greed runs rampant/ Mammon over God/ The cost of unregulated American disaster capitalism/ The opioid crisis, takes a back seat/ a recognition without a proposed solution/ The FBI and the new Sandy Hook document release/ Emotional terrorism/ Kochtopus targets Duckworth/ Economic terrorism/ The 6th district Georgia lawsuit/ Electoral terrorism/ The quiet 7th amendment repeal/ The Corporate creep, and invasive technology/ Courage over fear/ Choose your future


TFYCPO #224 (2017.10.22)

October 22nd, 2017


The Honeypot Scandal: Cooper Hefner/ Fragile masculinity/ Weinstein and Trump/ Ronan Farrow/ A conspiracy in the truest sense/ Honeypots/ The culture of rape/ The loud opposition calls/ DeVos defends rapists/ The Sex Offender in Chief/ Right wing misogyny/ Me Too goes viral/ Maybe you're just awful/ Arvida Bystrom/ Ivanka's feminism and slavery/ Follow the money/ The statistics/ Sexual violence in America/ Call to action! Fighting misogyny and rape culture, in a country that deifies predators


TFYCPO #223 (2017.10.15)

October 15th, 2017


A Vow Of Poverty: From the classroom, to the street corners/ Sleeping in cars/ The middle class tax cut fable/ Amelie Ratliff/ MAGA gets Nada/ Bruce Bartlett vs Saint Ronnie/ Multi-generational wealth/ It all started with Ronald Reagan/ The end of the Obama era/ 120,000 jobs lost/ The numbers are now real/ What $1.5 trillion could buy/ The CFPB arbitration rule/ Gutting consumer protections/ The opportunity that lies before us/ Peace is the mission/ Solidarity is the future


TFYCPO #222 (2017.10.08)

October 8th, 2017


The New Civil War, Part Two: There are more slaves now, than ever/ Facebook antisemitism for sale/ Klan Christianity/ Fox's defense of white supremacy/ The daily white power headlines/ Brooklyn's Nazi, MAGA, meassages/ The Russia pressures, continue to build/ Facebook, and the misinformation wildfires/ The calls on the right, for civil war/ The daily gun fights/ Toddler murdered/ Toddler murders father/ Toddler kills toddler/ 8 year old, holds up a convenience store/ The state of "responsible" gun ownership/ 477 days, 521 mass shootings, zero action/ Arming the mentally ill/ One gun shot, $100,000/ Better free, than safe/ The story of Michael and Tiffany/ Ending white nationalism, and mass murder/ What's so civil about war, anyway?


TFYCPO #221 (2017.10.01)

October 2nd, 2017


The New Civil War, Part One: Colin's brushfire/ Kaepernick wins/ Choose to lose/ Bob Costas/ Hypocritical owners/ The White Nationalist bullhorn/ The meaning of, " Ungrateful"/ Thug, Inner-City, Urban, Ghetto, Oreo, Uppity, and You people/ Racial conditioning through everyday language/ Dale Hansen/ To be black and woke/ Van Jones/ Villanueva's regret/ War glorification through cinema/ Dissidents and patriots/ Flag disrespect according to the U.S. Flag Code/ The Nazi flag as protest, during the Obama era/ Secession from reality


TFYCPO #220 (2017.09.24)

September 24th, 2017


The Pentagon preparing for societal collapse/ Global mass extinction/ The year 2100/ A warming planet/ Single payer, First dollar/ The rich prepare to get richer, on your back/ The new Pentagon budget/ The request: $54 billion. The response: $700 billion/ However, we can't afford tuition free college/ We also can't afford single payer/ But we can afford state sponsored terror/ Dying for nothing/ Colin Kaepernick, is now the entire NFL/ The NFL vs Donald David Duke/ Shannon Sharpe/ Being black in America/ The end of the world/ We are judgment, we are Armageddon/ The choice before us/ Holding a wolf by the ears


TFYCPO #219 (2017.09.10)

September 11th, 2017


Writing History With Lightning: Gyasi Ross/ An army of bigots/ The shadows of the holocaust/ DACA by the numbers/ Obama on immigration/ How you can join the "Here to stay" fight/ Angelo Carusone/ Trump's lovable white immigrants/ GOP reform?/ The big business of smuggling immigrants/ Illegal employers/ The Birth Of A Nation at 100/ David Duke, Woodrow Wilson, and Donald Trump/ Net negative immigration/ Meet Derek Black/ The white power handbook, as official US policy/ This week's marching orders


TFYCPO #218 (2017.09.04)

September 4th, 2017


The Chemical Coast: Climate terror/ Monsoon flooding in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal/ Trump, renowned scientific expert/ Fracking, Drilling, Mining, The answer is "no"/ Galileo Cruz/ Harvey bonus: An ecological disaster/ 30 years of bad decisions/ It's a fact. Therefore, it's a lie./ The Flood Protection Rule, revoked/ Obama and Katrina/ Climate change is our common enemy/ Everyone is a socialist! (After a disaster)/ The Cajun Navy/ "Green" oil companies/ Harold Camping/ Free market disaster capitalism/ A libertarian paradise/ Tax cuts don't create jobs/ Daniel M. Kammen/ The I.M.P.E.A.C.H. resignation letter/ The gutted E.P.A./ The 2040 European petrol ban/ The end of the internal combustion engine


TFYCPO #217 (2017.08.27)

August 27th, 2017


No Good Men, Among The Living: Paul Ryan, is white/ 30 million American Nazis/ The GOP does the bidding, for the KKK / Jan Mickleson/ An articulated argument in favour of slavery/ Hurricane Harvey: God's I.C.E./ Hate not heritage. Intimidation not education/ Creating an "Alt-Left" boogie man/ Antifa and the Alt-Right according to Snopes/ U.N. issues white power warning/ Richard Pryor on the economics of racism/ Racial identity and the G.A.T./ Rickkk Tyler/ Make America White Again/ The Southern economy/ Destination: Destroy racism


TFYCPO #216 (2017.08.21)

August 22nd, 2017


One Of Us Is The Killer: American President/Nazi sympathizer/ A forced condemnation/ The "both sides" B.S./ Party over country/ Silent defense/ White House, White Power/ Katherine Gorka/ Christian Picciolini/ Life After Hate/ Violence leads to violence/ Legalizing ISIS style terror attacks/ Heather Heyer/ The robocalls/ The ads/ The incidents/ Repeated warnings/ Hate finds a home/ Vanilla ISIS/ The end of history


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