TFYCPO #221 (2017.10.01)

October 2nd, 2017


The New Civil War, Part One: Colin's brushfire/ Kaepernick wins/ Choose to lose/ Bob Costas/ Hypocritical owners/ The White Nationalist bullhorn/ The meaning of, " Ungrateful"/ Thug, Inner-City, Urban, Ghetto, Oreo, Uppity, and You people/ Racial conditioning through everyday language/ Dale Hansen/ To be black and woke/ Van Jones/ Villanueva's regret/ War glorification through cinema/ Dissidents and patriots/ Flag disrespect according to the U.S. Flag Code/ The Nazi flag as protest, during the Obama era/ Secession from reality


TFYCPO #220 (2017.09.24)

September 24th, 2017


The Pentagon preparing for societal collapse/ Global mass extinction/ The year 2100/ A warming planet/ Single payer, First dollar/ The rich prepare to get richer, on your back/ The new Pentagon budget/ The request: $54 billion. The response: $700 billion/ However, we can't afford tuition free college/ We also can't afford single payer/ But we can afford state sponsored terror/ Dying for nothing/ Colin Kaepernick, is now the entire NFL/ The NFL vs Donald David Duke/ Shannon Sharpe/ Being black in America/ The end of the world/ We are judgment, we are Armageddon/ The choice before us/ Holding a wolf by the ears


TFYCPO #219 (2017.09.10)

September 11th, 2017


Writing History With Lightning: Gyasi Ross/ An army of bigots/ The shadows of the holocaust/ DACA by the numbers/ Obama on immigration/ How you can join the "Here to stay" fight/ Angelo Carusone/ Trump's lovable white immigrants/ GOP reform?/ The big business of smuggling immigrants/ Illegal employers/ The Birth Of A Nation at 100/ David Duke, Woodrow Wilson, and Donald Trump/ Net negative immigration/ Meet Derek Black/ The white power handbook, as official US policy/ This week's marching orders


TFYCPO #218 (2017.09.04)

September 4th, 2017


The Chemical Coast: Climate terror/ Monsoon flooding in India, Bangladesh, and Nepal/ Trump, renowned scientific expert/ Fracking, Drilling, Mining, The answer is "no"/ Galileo Cruz/ Harvey bonus: An ecological disaster/ 30 years of bad decisions/ It's a fact. Therefore, it's a lie./ The Flood Protection Rule, revoked/ Obama and Katrina/ Climate change is our common enemy/ Everyone is a socialist! (After a disaster)/ The Cajun Navy/ "Green" oil companies/ Harold Camping/ Free market disaster capitalism/ A libertarian paradise/ Tax cuts don't create jobs/ Daniel M. Kammen/ The I.M.P.E.A.C.H. resignation letter/ The gutted E.P.A./ The 2040 European petrol ban/ The end of the internal combustion engine


TFYCPO #217 (2017.08.27)

August 27th, 2017


No Good Men, Among The Living: Paul Ryan, is white/ 30 million American Nazis/ The GOP does the bidding, for the KKK / Jan Mickleson/ An articulated argument in favour of slavery/ Hurricane Harvey: God's I.C.E./ Hate not heritage. Intimidation not education/ Creating an "Alt-Left" boogie man/ Antifa and the Alt-Right according to Snopes/ U.N. issues white power warning/ Richard Pryor on the economics of racism/ Racial identity and the G.A.T./ Rickkk Tyler/ Make America White Again/ The Southern economy/ Destination: Destroy racism


TFYCPO #216 (2017.08.21)

August 22nd, 2017


One Of Us Is The Killer: American President/Nazi sympathizer/ A forced condemnation/ The "both sides" B.S./ Party over country/ Silent defense/ White House, White Power/ Katherine Gorka/ Christian Picciolini/ Life After Hate/ Violence leads to violence/ Legalizing ISIS style terror attacks/ Heather Heyer/ The robocalls/ The ads/ The incidents/ Repeated warnings/ Hate finds a home/ Vanilla ISIS/ The end of history


TFYCPO #215 (2017.08.14)

August 15th, 2017


Alt The Presidents Men: 08.10.2017, The press conference/ Knocking down the lies, one by one/ Trump's biggest political asset/ The morons/ The fascists/ The racists/ GOP 101: Anti-Intellectualism/ Postponing the 2020 election/ "Idiocracy" fulfilled/ Senator Kid Rock/ Run "The Rock" 2020/ The Virginia race riots of 2017/ Violence in the name of God, and race/ The slow rise of white supremacy, nears it's peak/ "If I were alive back when..."/ You're alive now/ The time is now/ Here's your chance/When good people remain silent


TFYCPO #214 (2017.07.30)

July 29th, 2017


At War With Reality: The Pentagon/ The collapse of the U.S. Empire/ The war on journalism/ A paranoid, fact-averse, nation/ A dark parallel universe/ We cannot remain both ignorant, and free/ The health care minefield, for the GOP/ Willful ignorance/ Trump voters in denial/ Our knowlege of Government and History, in crisis/ A legal murder on Fifth Ave/ When ignorance reigns.../ Then they came for the Transgender, and I spoke up


TFYCPO #213 (2017.07.23)

July 23rd, 2017


White Collar Terrorism: Brett Baer's prediction/ A win for the ACA/ The OECD match up/ Spending more, and getting less/ Compassionate Conservatism/ "Let them die!"/ The most expensive, and the most ineffective/ The exaggerated "collapse"/ Kaiser, HHS, and reality vs. The GOP/ The AHCA lies begin to die/ Paul Ryan's "mercy"/ Scarborough rips the GOP/ The house begins to crumble. A Dishonest Answer, To An Honest Problem: Humanism in Canada/ Insite/ A crime in America, and a health concern in Canada/ The untold story/ Father's Day/ A history of addiction/ Two cursed bloodlines/ A pain so great.../ Finally, an honest answer


TFYCPO #212 (2017.07.09)

July 9th, 2017


We're Headed Straight For The Castle: Free speech for the left/ Hate speech vs counter speech/Rape and molestation as punishment/ The real paid protesters/ Mike Cernovich/ The profitable business of hate/ The banning of progressive protests/ Legalizing the murder of protesters/ The White Privilege Club/ Too much 1st amendment/ The numbers are now real/ The meeting of the ass kissers/ Banana Republic/ Authoritarian/ Dictatorship/ Darkness in the White House Press room/ The press corpse/ Muslim fears are eased by strong allies/ We need the same vigilance on the 4th estate/ Surrendering Democracy


TFYCPO #211 (2017.07.02)

July 1st, 2017


TFYCPO #211 (2017.07.02) - Oligarchy And The End Of Empire: The deepening Flint crisis/ The cost of clean water, deemed to high/ The bloated Pentagon budget, deemed too low/ ISIS and America/ Ben Farencz/ All wars, and all people/ US sponsored terror/ The veterans respond to Trump/ The cost of school lunch, deemed too high/ Michelle on the GOP lunches/ Jimmy Carter on Oligarchy/ The future of Social Security/ Bernie vs Trump/ The first act: Gutting the ethics dept./  Standing for nothing, and standing by nothing/ In the name of Oligarchy


TFYCPO #210 (2017.06.25)

June 25th, 2017


Blood And Soil: Bob Jones University/ A new accreditation/ "Whites Only" history/ The removal of Confederate monuments/ The white hot rage, that followed/ How the Swastika became the Confederate flag/ White affirmative action/ Kris Kobach: White Power Lawyer/ James Baldwin/ The southern economy/ The Queens Nazi/ Jamie Palij/ The US GOP is hate group/ The white, authoritarian mindset/ Darkness falls on DACA and DAPA


TFYCPO #209 (2017.06.18)

June 19th, 2017


Eve Was Framed: Cutting Elizabeth/ Decades of Archie Bunker/ Reversing fair pay, and safe workplaces, because... Freedom/ Jedediah Bila/ Kristin Powers/ Groper gone/ The end of Ailes dream/ The Saudi Arabian handmaids/ The tragedy of female terrorists/ Patriarchy from here, to hereafter/ Rape culture/ Lock her up!/ Defending Hillary/ Nah, Just kidding. Lock her Up!/ Misogyny vs Racism/ Patriarchy as official, undeclared, policy


TFYCPO #208 (2017.06.04)

June 5th, 2017


Patriarchs And Heretics: The Christian terrorist attacks/ Portland, OR/ The Orthodox Christians vs the Gnostic Christians/ Fear vs. Knowledge/ Right wing ideologies and the SPLC/ Valuing killing over living/ Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn/ Weston Imer/ Devaluing education/ Arizona's reduced standards/ Poisoning farm workers/ Poisoning our children/    War makes atrocities legal/ Ben Ferencz/ When the last survivor dies, the next atrocity is inevitable


TFYCPO #207 (2017.05.28)

May 28th, 2017


A State Of Love And Trust: The homo-gay agenda/ Gohmert's space colony/ Kenneth Adkins/ A loving home, with same sex parents/ Terror and hubris, in the house God/ Who's watching your kids?/ Based on the content of their character/ Killer cops exonerated/ Laughter convicted/ Desiree Fairooz/ Our strained relationship with police/ The effects of that relationship, and what needs to change/ Dale Hanson/ A colony within a country. A break from politics: My life-long struggle, with mental illness/ Body Dismorphic Disorder/ A dangerous secret/ Getting help/ Finding a balance/ Changing my running relationship/ Being a fit parent/ Adding years to your life/ Adding life to your years/ A ratio of 1 to 7


TFYCPO #206 (2017.05.14)

May 14th, 2017


Preserving The Caste System: The Trumpcare "Sick Tax"/ The truth about high risk pools/ "Americanese"/ The "Laffer Curve" lie/ H.R. 676/ Single Payer For All/ Single Payer myths and lies/ The Pharmacare promise/ The coming impeachment hearings, and the road to Single Payer/ The Islamic State NRA endorsement/ Killing for profit/ Confronting Zelding and Black/ The growing constituency wisdom/ Christian principles vs. The GOP/ A dream candidate for Evangelicals


TFYCPO #205 (2017.05.07)

May 7th, 2017


The Rainbow Killings: The Family Policy Institute of WA/ Anti-LGBT Seminars/ The Anti-gay Trump Administration/ Another executive order/ Tortured and killed in Iran/ Esfahan's Dastgerd Prison/ Tortured and killed in Chechnya/ Ramzan Kadyrov. The Art Of Trump Losing: The budget where Trump gets nothing/ Losing bigly/ The Progressive Caucus rebukes Trump/ The people's budget/ A road map for the resistance/ Keep it up. We're winning...


TFYCPO #204 (2017.04.30)

May 1st, 2017


Don't Think Of An Elephant: Late night comedy, as powerful propaganda/ What they say, and what they hear/ Time to learn framing/ Framing is social change/ The Family/ The "strict father" model vs. The "nurturant parent" model/ The obedient electorate/ Welfare reform, Clear skies, and Tax relief/ Moral politics and marriage/ The Iraq War/ Facts will set you free/ Don't use their frames/ 100 Days in, and the resistance is working


TFYCPO #203 (2017.04.25)

April 25th, 2017


The Race About Race: The Intercept report/ The real motivation/ Carl Bernstein/ Michael Eric Dyson/ The week in Trumpgrets/ The three Ds/ A secret society/ Chris Edelson/ From the desk of Robert Reich.../ Gorsuch's 1st decision: death. Republican Jesus: Ye shall not eat/ Mississippi starving the poor/ The connection between climate and terror/ Abigail Hewins/ The Trump effect of churches. One Possible Solution: The state owned bank


TFYCPO #202 (2017.04.17)

April 18th, 2017


Casual Brutality: A sadistic commitment to cost control/ The investors vs the customers/ Insult to injury at the NPS/ A government on vacation 2017/ Personally profiting from pseudo-war/ Steven Cohen/ Going abroad to find demons to slay/ Enriching your enemies/ The effective legalization of sexual assault/ Spokane's own Judge Triplet/ Two presidents and two attitudes on Syria/ A party without a heart, or conviction/ A party on life support in middle America/ An opportunity the rebuild the Democratic party


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