TFYCPO #196 (2017.02.26)

February 27th, 2017


196: Resistance Recess: Duck and cover/ Democracy Spring/ The "We Will Replace You PAC"/ Enemy of the climate/ The stream protection rule repeal/ Arming the mentally ill/ There is no ACA replacement/ Who the hell do you think you are, Sir?/ Rat poison leadership/ The order of succession, for no reason whatsoever/ Neopalpa Donaldtrumpi/ Failure and incompetence have arrived/ Indivisible, we will cut their time short


TFYCPO #195 (2017.02.20)

February 20th, 2017


Trump Is Inviting A Terrorist Attack: Mnuchin and Price/ Squandered opportunity/ The Reichstag fire/ A "Pearl Harbor" type event/ Unpopular, Inexperienced, and Wild-Eyed/ Neo-Nazis blame "The Jews" for the Flynn departure/ Brian Kilmeade promotes fear, and White Supremacy/ KellyAnne gathers the "White Power" foot soldiers/ Operation: Steal The Oil/ Iraq/ The Gas and Oil Party/ USHMM/ Rampant antisemitism/ The week in the war on the press/ Time calls for Trump's impeachment/ Pruitt, DeVos, and the Doomsday Clock/ Terminating the EPA and the DOE/ Unlikely bed fellows/ Consider the beginnings, Resist the end


TFYCPO #194 (2016.02.12)

February 13th, 2017


The Press Corpse: An open letter, to an authoritarian leader/ John Kennedy; how an adult president handles the press/ Reuters prepares to cover a ruthless dictator, in America/ The double presidential racial standard/ Ajit Pai: information suppressant/ Ending the open internet/ The private hell of Lenny Ponzer/ The cold cruel world, of fake news/ Spilling the blood of innocent children, in America/ A deeply unpopular "so-called" President/ Shattering switch board records/ GOP members hiding from constituents/ Thank you, Ben Mallicote/ Is America great yet?


TFYCPO #193 (2017.02.06)

February 6th, 2017


Insane Clown President: 10 days, 20 orders/ Thomas Friedman/ Trump using an unsecured Android phone/ Trump's conflicts/ Nixon 2017/ The Goldman Sachs administration/ Trump now a threat to human rights/David Brock's olive branch. 4,000 Fronts In The War On Trump: The lack of an opposition party/ Vancouver Indivisible Against Hate/ The Concord Project/ Petitions, posts, e-mails, and memes do nothing/ Get active, show up, it's the only way


TFYCPO #192 (2017.01.30)

January 31st, 2017


Resist The Beginnings, Consider The End: Finem respice principles obsta/ Repetition compulsion/ Nobody is buying it/ The U.S. downgrade to a "flawed democracy"/ Seventh generation/ Racism as an economic system/ Hate crimes/ Emmett Till, 63 years later/ Rosewood/ Melvin vs Jamie Herrera-Beutler/ I'm alive/ I'm a man/ Call your congressperson/ Bubbles/ The suppression of dissent/ Criminalizing protest/ No TV make Trumpy grumpy/ A clear path forward/ Resist


TFYCPO #191 (2017.01.22)

January 23rd, 2017


Regulatory Capture: Kakistocracy/ Necessitous men are not free men/ Regulations are consumer protections/ Government accountability/ Crazy beliefs/ Alternative facts/ Doing the bidding for the one percent/ The precariat/ The death of TV journalism/ The ACA vs Obamacare/ A death sentence for Trump supporters/ The ACA vote/ Kleptocracy, meritocracy, and aristocracy


TFYCPO #190 (2017.01.15)

January 15th, 2017


The Collapse Of 2017: Why the powers that be, don't care/ Why they're welcoming the collapse/ The ineffective infrastructure plan/ Randall Lane of Forbes/ The "Trump Rule"/ Senator McCain and the left/right populism/ The privatization of public money/ Why they love debt/ From Reaganomics to Trumponomics/ Mr. Chapter Eleven/ David Stockman's warning/ The father of Reaganomics, and regret/ Sell everything now/ Jay L. Zagorsky/ Musical chair economies/ David K Johnson/ How to plan for the collapse/ First, the hurricane. Then, the morning Sun.


TFYCPO #189 (2017.01.08)

January 8th, 2017


They Thought They Were Free, Part Two: White nationalism and the suppression of dissent/ Nikita Whitlock/ The electoral college/ Prof. Akihl Reed Amar/ The slave states vs the free states/ Interstate crosscheck/ A white vote factory/ Robert Gleeson/Preibus lies/ 4 votes/ The voter fraud and voter ID myth/ Brunhilde Pomsel; The "good German"/ It can happen here/ It's already under way/ The media enabling of fascism/ An open letter to "good" Trump voters/ Brown shirts/ Ben Carson/ Steve Mnuchin/ Rex Tillerson/ Betsy DeVos/ Acknowledgment is not enough/ Confrontating the slave states/ We are the answer/ We should be allies


TFYCPO #188 (2017.01.02)

January 2nd, 2017


They Thought They Were Free, Part One: Fighting fact checking/ Post truth Presidency/ Breaking promises/ Fake news; The engine in the right wing machine/ Trump's Nuremberg tour/ The war on journalism/ The Gab, and "Fash" growth/ Jade Helm and Pizzagate/ Doug Erickson/ Criminalizing dissent/ Too much 1st amendment protection / Ejecting and arresting protesters/ Killing the Internet/ Fighting democracy/ The Democratic summer sit in /Shutting off the House cameras/ Fighting transparency/ The lie about about white employment/ Kelsey Warren


TFYCPO #187 (2016.12.25)

December 26th, 2016


The State Of The Union: Wholesale fear/ A nation divided/ The future of ISIL/ Trump, ISIL's top advocate/ From within, not without/ Dr Allan Lichtman/ President Pence/ Micheal Weiss/ Islamists/ Maajid on the Islamist strategy/ #Quilliam/ Suppressing dissent/ Going around the media/ Greg Calvey/ PDX resistance/ Inauguration permits/ Sam Levine/ Chris Higbie/ The new internment camps/ George Takai/ Edward R Murrow, and the state of fear/ Goodnight and good luck


TFYCPO #186 (2016.12.18)

December 18th, 2016


Conversations With Bryan, Episode One: The Democratic party just suffered a crushing and embarrassing loss in the recent elections. However when you poll the American people, They favor the Democratic position, on most issues. They also do so, in large numbers (60%+). So why are they losing? This week we talk with Bryan. A voter who has left the Democratic party. He still holds a lot of Progressive viewpoints, However he no longer sees the Democrats as his party. So we get in to those differences. We also get in to the Conservative positions, that he holds. It's a conversation, that is lacking in America today.



TFYCPO #185 (2016.12.11)

December 11th, 2016


Filling The Swamp: HRC's "corrupt establishment", now Trump's/ "Better his swamp, than her swamp"/ The foreclosure machine/ Steve Mnuchin/ The Goldman Sachs Administration/ The Libertarian scam/ The "populist" fills the swamp/ The talking points leak, on Trump's picks/Jeff Sessions/ Overturning civil rights/ Mr. Brexit/ Changing the tone, among out Countrymen/ "Trumpgrets"/ "Give Trump chance"/ The false mandate/ Leading the resistance/ Mandating patriotism/ The Loser One


TFYCPO #184 (2016.12.04)

December 4th, 2016


Dark Enlightenment: The D.C. white power gathering/ Richard Spencer/ Cuckservatism/ White genocide/ The threat of diversity/ Fred Trump/ Lugenpresse/ Trumpian Nationalism/ "The Contract On America"/ The "fashy"/ Kurt Bardella/ Erasing the 1st amendment/ Academic racism/ Coat & tie racism/ "Skypes" and "Googles"/ Neo-Reactionaries/ Human biodiversity/ Racist attacks in America's schools/ Squadristi/ Libertarian racist roots/ Men's rights/ Make Germany Great Again!/The Schumer warning/ The fall of Joe Middle-class Republican


TFYCPO #183 (2016.11.27)

November 27th, 2016


Mourn. Organize. Resist.: The habitual liar/ Two Trumps/ The Ohio Red shift/ "I'm not a racist, but..."/ You voted for a racist/ The white working class/ Goose stepping towards economic prosperity/ Dec. 19th/ Lady Gaga's mission impossible/ The failing grade for U.S. elections/ The uncomfortable inclusive society/ Raw Democratic nerves/ The Trump Administration body count, so far/ We rise, after the fall of the blue wall. Onward: We are not done/ 27 progressive organizations looking for you/ Today is the day


TFYCPO #182 (2016.11.20)

November 20th, 2016


To Win, By Losing: Out of great adversity, comes great opportunity. One just needs to realize it. Post-Truth was the Oxford Dictionary's word of the year. Post-Truth refers to confirmation bias, which is where you believe things not based on objective truth, but instead on preconceived personal narratives and emotions. The Post-Truth America, is also the fake news America. And nobody can tell, what the truth is. We need to learn to adapt, and communicate accordingly. This will eventually allow us to return to a time, when only the absolute truth matters. There will be no "both sides". Only one side; The Truth. The whole truth, and nothing but.

Also, don't argue with your friends and family about politics, over Thanksgiving and and Xmas. Honestly, no one wins. Just don't do it. However if you decide to not heed my warning, then let me help you knock down some dumb, right-wing, talking points.


TFYCPO #181 (2016.11.13)

November 13th, 2016


2018 Begins Today: Social media and the campaign/ News and filters/ New limits in the 1st amendment/ A Trumpeter encounter/ Attica Locke/ White Amerikkka/ Aaron Sorkin/ White lash/ The Democratic bubble/ The IUD rush/ Normalizing racism and sexual assault/ Emboldening bullies/ ISIL celebrates the Trump victory/ Chomsky's 2010 warning/ The role of the protest vote/ The KKK is planning a parade, while minorities are terrified/ The real work begins/ Rebuilding the Democratic Party/ Time to organize/ Love will trump hate, because Trump hates love


TFYCPO #180 (2016.11.06)

November 6th, 2016

Misinformation Incorporated: Hyper-partisan social media/ Nate Silver/ Bursting the bubble/ The Gold standard in right wing news/ Alex Jones/ Crippling political dysfunction/ Birtherism/ Sexism/ Surrendering freedom/ The final push/ The taco truck demographic/ The dangerous acceptance of.../ William Johnson/ Utah/ The upcoming sexual assault trial/ The trust destroyers/ Brian Cranston/ A fool, or a maniac/ The falling republic/ David Souter/ The new civil war/ An end to hate


TFYCPO #179 (2016.10.30)

October 30th, 2016

It's Fall, Time To Turn Your Clocks Back, 100 Years: Funerals for fetuses/ The scandals that should've been/ Grabbing them by.../ Socially acceptable oppression/ Respect for Women/ Periods for Pence/ Feminism at It's finest/ Radio support for right-wing assault/ An argument against consent/ Cara Jennings/ Republican Women/ 96 years of suffrage/ When they go low/ Michelle Obama on the future of strong Women/ I can't believe, we still have to fight for this


TFYCPO #178 (2016.10.16)

October 16th, 2016

A Solution In Search Of A Problem: Polk County/ Rick Scott loses/ The new "literacy test"/ Something is rotten in Wisconsin/ Kathleen Novack and minority access/ The "John Doe" Investigation/ Paul Weyrich / The threat of Democracy/ Ailes, Fox, And the misinformation machine/ Indiana voter office raids/ The voter fraud myths. Suicide With Surgical Precision: The Greg Miday story/ Doctor suicides/ Substance struggles/ The failure of AA/ Assembly line medicine/ Scheduling demands/ Fighting with insurance companies/ Crushing medical debt/ The problem with medical profit


TFYCPO #177 (2016.10.09)

October 9th, 2016

They Thought They Were Free: Lincoln's party/ The DC press conference: SS edition/ Seven Trumpeter characteristics/ From dunderhead to demagogue/ Fascism/ Andrew Klaven/ The Fascism fourteen/ This is how it comes to America/ Money, politics, and social mobility/ Milton Mayer. In 1492, He Sailed The Ocean Blue: The slaughter of the Arawaks/ Pedophilia/ Slavery in the gold mines/ Killed for dog food/ From Costellanoes to Africans/ Catholic hero, genocidal maniac/ The Knights of Columbus/ Indigenous People's Day


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