TFYCPO #195 (2017.02.20)

February 20th, 2017


Trump Is Inviting A Terrorist Attack: Mnuchin and Price/ Squandered opportunity/ The Reichstag fire/ A "Pearl Harbor" type event/ Unpopular, Inexperienced, and Wild-Eyed/ Neo-Nazis blame "The Jews" for the Flynn departure/ Brian Kilmeade promotes fear, and White Supremacy/ KellyAnne gathers the "White Power" foot soldiers/ Operation: Steal The Oil/ Iraq/ The Gas and Oil Party/ USHMM/ Rampant antisemitism/ The week in the war on the press/ Time calls for Trump's impeachment/ Pruitt, DeVos, and the Doomsday Clock/ Terminating the EPA and the DOE/ Unlikely bed fellows/ Consider the beginnings, Resist the end

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