TFYCPO #210 (2017.06.25)

June 25th, 2017


Blood And Soil: Bob Jones University/ A new accreditation/ "Whites Only" history/ The removal of Confederate monuments/ The white hot rage, that followed/ How the Swastika became the Confederate flag/ White affirmative action/ Kris Kobach: White Power Lawyer/ James Baldwin/ The southern economy/ The Queens Nazi/ Jamie Palij/ The US GOP is hate group/ The white, authoritarian mindset/ Darkness falls on DACA and DAPA


TFYCPO #209 (2017.06.18)

June 19th, 2017


Eve Was Framed: Cutting Elizabeth/ Decades of Archie Bunker/ Reversing fair pay, and safe workplaces, because... Freedom/ Jedediah Bila/ Kristin Powers/ Groper gone/ The end of Ailes dream/ The Saudi Arabian handmaids/ The tragedy of female terrorists/ Patriarchy from here, to hereafter/ Rape culture/ Lock her up!/ Defending Hillary/ Nah, Just kidding. Lock her Up!/ Misogyny vs Racism/ Patriarchy as official, undeclared, policy


TFYCPO #208 (2017.06.04)

June 5th, 2017


Patriarchs And Heretics: The Christian terrorist attacks/ Portland, OR/ The Orthodox Christians vs the Gnostic Christians/ Fear vs. Knowledge/ Right wing ideologies and the SPLC/ Valuing killing over living/ Dr. Elizabeth Blackburn/ Weston Imer/ Devaluing education/ Arizona's reduced standards/ Poisoning farm workers/ Poisoning our children/    War makes atrocities legal/ Ben Ferencz/ When the last survivor dies, the next atrocity is inevitable