TFYCPO #203 (2017.04.25)

April 25th, 2017


The Race About Race: The Intercept report/ The real motivation/ Carl Bernstein/ Michael Eric Dyson/ The week in Trumpgrets/ The three Ds/ A secret society/ Chris Edelson/ From the desk of Robert Reich.../ Gorsuch's 1st decision: death. Republican Jesus: Ye shall not eat/ Mississippi starving the poor/ The connection between climate and terror/ Abigail Hewins/ The Trump effect of churches. One Possible Solution: The state owned bank


TFYCPO #202 (2017.04.17)

April 18th, 2017


Casual Brutality: A sadistic commitment to cost control/ The investors vs the customers/ Insult to injury at the NPS/ A government on vacation 2017/ Personally profiting from pseudo-war/ Steven Cohen/ Going abroad to find demons to slay/ Enriching your enemies/ The effective legalization of sexual assault/ Spokane's own Judge Triplet/ Two presidents and two attitudes on Syria/ A party without a heart, or conviction/ A party on life support in middle America/ An opportunity the rebuild the Democratic party


TFYCPO #201 (2017.04.02)

April 3rd, 2017


America First, Art last: My life, in art/ Art saves/ Sevas Tra. Fascism Forever: Protecting wage theft/ The call for a fascist Constitutional Convention/ The Sheldon Whitehouse opening statement on Gorsuch/ The coming fight, against the emerging Fash Nation. Democracy Dies In Darkness: The cable news network enabling of fascism/ MSNBC, CNN now have regrets/ Fox News, Brietbart, and the KKK, now have the White House/ The normalization of a post-fact presidency/ Is truth dead?/ Why facts still matter/ It's 2017. Why is this sh*t still happening?