TFYCPO #192 (2017.01.30)

January 31st, 2017


Resist The Beginnings, Consider The End: Finem respice principles obsta/ Repetition compulsion/ Nobody is buying it/ The U.S. downgrade to a "flawed democracy"/ Seventh generation/ Racism as an economic system/ Hate crimes/ Emmett Till, 63 years later/ Rosewood/ Melvin vs Jamie Herrera-Beutler/ I'm alive/ I'm a man/ Call your congressperson/ Bubbles/ The suppression of dissent/ Criminalizing protest/ No TV make Trumpy grumpy/ A clear path forward/ Resist


TFYCPO #191 (2017.01.22)

January 23rd, 2017


Regulatory Capture: Kakistocracy/ Necessitous men are not free men/ Regulations are consumer protections/ Government accountability/ Crazy beliefs/ Alternative facts/ Doing the bidding for the one percent/ The precariat/ The death of TV journalism/ The ACA vs Obamacare/ A death sentence for Trump supporters/ The ACA vote/ Kleptocracy, meritocracy, and aristocracy


TFYCPO #190 (2017.01.15)

January 15th, 2017


The Collapse Of 2017: Why the powers that be, don't care/ Why they're welcoming the collapse/ The ineffective infrastructure plan/ Randall Lane of Forbes/ The "Trump Rule"/ Senator McCain and the left/right populism/ The privatization of public money/ Why they love debt/ From Reaganomics to Trumponomics/ Mr. Chapter Eleven/ David Stockman's warning/ The father of Reaganomics, and regret/ Sell everything now/ Jay L. Zagorsky/ Musical chair economies/ David K Johnson/ How to plan for the collapse/ First, the hurricane. Then, the morning Sun.


TFYCPO #189 (2017.01.08)

January 8th, 2017


They Thought They Were Free, Part Two: White nationalism and the suppression of dissent/ Nikita Whitlock/ The electoral college/ Prof. Akihl Reed Amar/ The slave states vs the free states/ Interstate crosscheck/ A white vote factory/ Robert Gleeson/Preibus lies/ 4 votes/ The voter fraud and voter ID myth/ Brunhilde Pomsel; The "good German"/ It can happen here/ It's already under way/ The media enabling of fascism/ An open letter to "good" Trump voters/ Brown shirts/ Ben Carson/ Steve Mnuchin/ Rex Tillerson/ Betsy DeVos/ Acknowledgment is not enough/ Confrontating the slave states/ We are the answer/ We should be allies


TFYCPO #188 (2017.01.02)

January 2nd, 2017


They Thought They Were Free, Part One: Fighting fact checking/ Post truth Presidency/ Breaking promises/ Fake news; The engine in the right wing machine/ Trump's Nuremberg tour/ The war on journalism/ The Gab, and "Fash" growth/ Jade Helm and Pizzagate/ Doug Erickson/ Criminalizing dissent/ Too much 1st amendment protection / Ejecting and arresting protesters/ Killing the Internet/ Fighting democracy/ The Democratic summer sit in /Shutting off the House cameras/ Fighting transparency/ The lie about about white employment/ Kelsey Warren