TFYCPO #187 (2016.12.25)

December 26th, 2016


The State Of The Union: Wholesale fear/ A nation divided/ The future of ISIL/ Trump, ISIL's top advocate/ From within, not without/ Dr Allan Lichtman/ President Pence/ Micheal Weiss/ Islamists/ Maajid on the Islamist strategy/ #Quilliam/ Suppressing dissent/ Going around the media/ Greg Calvey/ PDX resistance/ Inauguration permits/ Sam Levine/ Chris Higbie/ The new internment camps/ George Takai/ Edward R Murrow, and the state of fear/ Goodnight and good luck


TFYCPO #186 (2016.12.18)

December 18th, 2016


Conversations With Bryan, Episode One: The Democratic party just suffered a crushing and embarrassing loss in the recent elections. However when you poll the American people, They favor the Democratic position, on most issues. They also do so, in large numbers (60%+). So why are they losing? This week we talk with Bryan. A voter who has left the Democratic party. He still holds a lot of Progressive viewpoints, However he no longer sees the Democrats as his party. So we get in to those differences. We also get in to the Conservative positions, that he holds. It's a conversation, that is lacking in America today.



TFYCPO #185 (2016.12.11)

December 11th, 2016


Filling The Swamp: HRC's "corrupt establishment", now Trump's/ "Better his swamp, than her swamp"/ The foreclosure machine/ Steve Mnuchin/ The Goldman Sachs Administration/ The Libertarian scam/ The "populist" fills the swamp/ The talking points leak, on Trump's picks/Jeff Sessions/ Overturning civil rights/ Mr. Brexit/ Changing the tone, among out Countrymen/ "Trumpgrets"/ "Give Trump chance"/ The false mandate/ Leading the resistance/ Mandating patriotism/ The Loser One


TFYCPO #184 (2016.12.04)

December 4th, 2016


Dark Enlightenment: The D.C. white power gathering/ Richard Spencer/ Cuckservatism/ White genocide/ The threat of diversity/ Fred Trump/ Lugenpresse/ Trumpian Nationalism/ "The Contract On America"/ The "fashy"/ Kurt Bardella/ Erasing the 1st amendment/ Academic racism/ Coat & tie racism/ "Skypes" and "Googles"/ Neo-Reactionaries/ Human biodiversity/ Racist attacks in America's schools/ Squadristi/ Libertarian racist roots/ Men's rights/ Make Germany Great Again!/The Schumer warning/ The fall of Joe Middle-class Republican