TFYCPO #183 (2016.11.27)

November 27th, 2016


Mourn. Organize. Resist.: The habitual liar/ Two Trumps/ The Ohio Red shift/ "I'm not a racist, but..."/ You voted for a racist/ The white working class/ Goose stepping towards economic prosperity/ Dec. 19th/ Lady Gaga's mission impossible/ The failing grade for U.S. elections/ The uncomfortable inclusive society/ Raw Democratic nerves/ The Trump Administration body count, so far/ We rise, after the fall of the blue wall. Onward: We are not done/ 27 progressive organizations looking for you/ Today is the day


TFYCPO #182 (2016.11.20)

November 20th, 2016


To Win, By Losing: Out of great adversity, comes great opportunity. One just needs to realize it. Post-Truth was the Oxford Dictionary's word of the year. Post-Truth refers to confirmation bias, which is where you believe things not based on objective truth, but instead on preconceived personal narratives and emotions. The Post-Truth America, is also the fake news America. And nobody can tell, what the truth is. We need to learn to adapt, and communicate accordingly. This will eventually allow us to return to a time, when only the absolute truth matters. There will be no "both sides". Only one side; The Truth. The whole truth, and nothing but.

Also, don't argue with your friends and family about politics, over Thanksgiving and and Xmas. Honestly, no one wins. Just don't do it. However if you decide to not heed my warning, then let me help you knock down some dumb, right-wing, talking points.


TFYCPO #181 (2016.11.13)

November 13th, 2016


2018 Begins Today: Social media and the campaign/ News and filters/ New limits in the 1st amendment/ A Trumpeter encounter/ Attica Locke/ White Amerikkka/ Aaron Sorkin/ White lash/ The Democratic bubble/ The IUD rush/ Normalizing racism and sexual assault/ Emboldening bullies/ ISIL celebrates the Trump victory/ Chomsky's 2010 warning/ The role of the protest vote/ The KKK is planning a parade, while minorities are terrified/ The real work begins/ Rebuilding the Democratic Party/ Time to organize/ Love will trump hate, because Trump hates love


TFYCPO #180 (2016.11.06)

November 6th, 2016

Misinformation Incorporated: Hyper-partisan social media/ Nate Silver/ Bursting the bubble/ The Gold standard in right wing news/ Alex Jones/ Crippling political dysfunction/ Birtherism/ Sexism/ Surrendering freedom/ The final push/ The taco truck demographic/ The dangerous acceptance of.../ William Johnson/ Utah/ The upcoming sexual assault trial/ The trust destroyers/ Brian Cranston/ A fool, or a maniac/ The falling republic/ David Souter/ The new civil war/ An end to hate