TFYCPO #161 (2016.05.22)

May 23rd, 2016

Second Class Citizens: A virulent sexist/ The FNC defense/ Leslie Gold/ Priorities USA PAC/ Rape PAC/ Vetoing pay equity/ PPP and Trump/ Women hate Trump/ Defending domestic violence/ Ivy Park slavery/ Jud McMillan/ Anti Choice laws, and their consequences/ Self inducing, and other tragedies/ Anna Yocca/ NPR and Troy Newman/ Blaming the assault victims/ Japan's "comfort women"/ Acceptance of atrocities, only encourages further violence/ Tampons as a public good/ Women's rights are human rights. Final Thought: Violence Breeds Violence


TFYCPO #160 (2016.05.15)

May 16th, 2016

The Faded Line: The DLC, AL From, and the Clintons/ The Democratic right turn/ Blurring the political lines/ Hillary campaigns for Bush donors and Wall Street money/ Classic doublespeak/ Forced to the left/ A contested convention/ A battle on the floor for Progressive values/ The speech vs the speeches/ The transcripts could end her bid/ The middle class vs the leisure class/ The hypocrisy of transparency/ Echoes of FDR/ Google bans predatory loan ads/ While the DNC and the DLC fight to protect predatory lenders/ WasserGate/ Fighting the grass roots/ Tight polls spell disaster/ The last stand of the Progressive Party


TFYCPO #159 (2016.05.08)

May 9th, 2016

Hail Emperor: The meltdown/ GOP 1861-2016/ Normalizing absurdity/ The full scale rejection of modern Conservatism/ Hailing the ascension of Emperor Trump/ Extremism/ "America First"/ Dog whistle language/ Philadelphia, Mississippi/ The Suffolk County murder/ The California protests/ Echoes of George Wallace/ Fulfilling the Turner Diaries/ The Savage role in the Emperor's rise/ The Philippine election/ A mirror of Trump/ Rodrigo Dutarte/ The real PC police/ Libel laws/  Eradicating the first Amendment/ The Bill Boggarts warning/ The new face of the GOP. The "N" Word: The Wilmore fallout/ Oppressive language/ Unlearning hate speech/ We can't have a conversation about a word, When we can't even say it


TFYCPO #158 (2016.05.01)

May 2nd, 2016

In A World Of Human Wreckage: Americans against the war/ The world against the war/ Tulsi Gabbard/ The media promoted the war, and is promoting it again/ Hillary's Iraq/  Malcolm Nance/ Patriotism for sale/ The NIE report/ Ineffective and brutal tortures/ Leaving our veterans behind/ War criminals/ No WMDs/ The 28 pages/ Blair's apology, Hillary's apology/ Absent antiwar voices/ American manufactured terror/ America is now the enemy/ Six trillion dollars/ Forgetting the lessons/ Screaming in to the wind, again/ Killing is our business/ Only war Hawks remain