TFYCPO #149 (2016.02.29)

February 29th, 2016

Hate In America, Part I: Your Ringleader and GOP Nominee... The new year in hate/ Misogyny and racism on the campaign trail/ GOP Latinos/ Murmuring, "stop him"/ The return of torture politics/ Godwin's law/ Trump's Sturmabteilung/ Grooming the Brownshirts/ Violent rhetoric/ Preaching nativism/ NH, SC, Nevada, and beyond/ the KKK Robocalls/ Screaming, "STOP HIM!"/ The poorly educated rise/ Trump accepts a job with Daesh

TFYCPO #148 (2016.02.21)

February 21st, 2016

Segregated Drinking Fountains: The continued poisoning/ The President responds/ The Flint EPA/ High water bills for unusable water/ Civil outrage/ Calls for resignation/ Still a hero to the right, It's "Austerity Man"! Race Relations, and Policing In America: Tone deaf O'Reilly/ Fox calls blacks "Stupid"/ Officer Glenowitz/ Blaming BLM/ Trump vs Bernie on policing/ A rigged justice system/ Robert E. Lee/ MLK Day/ Racist voting laws/ From being a "non-racist" to being an "anti-racist"

TFYCPO #147 (2016.02.16)

February 16th, 2016

Hillary In The Hot Seat: The speeches/ Two views on Wall St./ Warren on First Lady Clinton vs Senator Clinton/ Getting burned by the banks/ Berning them back/ Two views on health care/ 2004 on the Senate floor/ The Hillary hate machine/ New Hampshire changes the game/ Here comes the kitchen sink. Final Thought: The true history of the civil war, slavery, and the Confederate flag

TFYCPO #146 (2016.02.09)

February 9th, 2016

The Battle For The Heart & Soul: National Socialism vs. Democratic Socialism/ Patriotic millionaires/ Sexism and the primary fight/ Convergence theory/ Socialism for the wealthy/ An ex-Libertarian makes the case for Bernie/ The fallacy of being fiscally conservative and socially liberal/ Poverty, domestic violence, disenfranchisement, racist policing, drug policy, free trade, and deregulation

TFYCPO #145 (2016.02.01)

February 1st, 2016

America Post King v Burwell: Patient dumping/ Hillary goes negative/ The Single Payer fight/ Private healthcare as terrorism/ Priebus prefers Clinton/ The 1993 GOP mandate/ The Cruz kill list/ Idaho faith healing is killing. Bullet Riddled Freedom: The washing machine murders/ Sponge filled syringes/ Guns in Texas mental hospitals/ Preschool homicide/ Crocodile tears for murdered children/ Deplorable right-wing reaction/ A society's effort, A father's grief/ The profit in a panicked society