TFYCPO #213 (2017.07.23)

July 23rd, 2017


White Collar Terrorism: Brett Baer's prediction/ A win for the ACA/ The OECD match up/ Spending more, and getting less/ Compassionate Conservatism/ "Let them die!"/ The most expensive, and the most ineffective/ The exaggerated "collapse"/ Kaiser, HHS, and reality vs. The GOP/ The AHCA lies begin to die/ Paul Ryan's "mercy"/ Scarborough rips the GOP/ The house begins to crumble. A Dishonest Answer, To An Honest Problem: Humanism in Canada/ Insite/ A crime in America, and a health concern in Canada/ The untold story/ Father's Day/ A history of addiction/ Two cursed bloodlines/ A pain so great.../ Finally, an honest answer

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