TFYCPO #179 (2016.10.30)

October 30th, 2016

It's Fall, Time To Turn Your Clocks Back, 100 Years: Funerals for fetuses/ The scandals that should've been/ Grabbing them by.../ Socially acceptable oppression/ Respect for Women/ Periods for Pence/ Feminism at It's finest/ Radio support for right-wing assault/ An argument against consent/ Cara Jennings/ Republican Women/ 96 years of suffrage/ When they go low/ Michelle Obama on the future of strong Women/ I can't believe, we still have to fight for this


TFYCPO #178 (2016.10.16)

October 16th, 2016

A Solution In Search Of A Problem: Polk County/ Rick Scott loses/ The new "literacy test"/ Something is rotten in Wisconsin/ Kathleen Novack and minority access/ The "John Doe" Investigation/ Paul Weyrich / The threat of Democracy/ Ailes, Fox, And the misinformation machine/ Indiana voter office raids/ The voter fraud myths. Suicide With Surgical Precision: The Greg Miday story/ Doctor suicides/ Substance struggles/ The failure of AA/ Assembly line medicine/ Scheduling demands/ Fighting with insurance companies/ Crushing medical debt/ The problem with medical profit


TFYCPO #177 (2016.10.09)

October 9th, 2016

They Thought They Were Free: Lincoln's party/ The DC press conference: SS edition/ Seven Trumpeter characteristics/ From dunderhead to demagogue/ Fascism/ Andrew Klaven/ The Fascism fourteen/ This is how it comes to America/ Money, politics, and social mobility/ Milton Mayer. In 1492, He Sailed The Ocean Blue: The slaughter of the Arawaks/ Pedophilia/ Slavery in the gold mines/ Killed for dog food/ From Costellanoes to Africans/ Catholic hero, genocidal maniac/ The Knights of Columbus/ Indigenous People's Day


TFYCPO #176 (2016.10.03)

October 4th, 2016

Star Spangled Racism: Kaepernick and Key/ The lost 3rd verse/ Roland Martin on black freedom/ The hireling and the slave/ Shannon Sharpe's lesson/ I bought an old woman, and a little girl/ Muhammad Ali: Champion and second class citizen/ A monstrous perversion/ Jan Mickelson argues for slavery/ Swallowed up history/ Richard Pryor on the greed, behind institutionalized racism/ Les Deplorables/ Jamie Bouie, the science behind the statement/ Soledad on Supremacists/ Stay strong, Don't get throwed. A Talk Radio Candidacy: A PhD in stupidity/ MMFA and the myth behind the labor rate/ A poisoned apple, brought by a fox/ The real world, and right wing world