TFYCPO #172 (2016.08.28)

August 28th, 2016

The Road To Serfdom: Neoliberalism/ Mises and Hayek/ Inequality cast as virtuous/ Anonymity, the symptom and the power/ Adventures in privatization/ Freedom for the pike, not the minnows/ Our neoliberal trade policies/ The God that failed/ Ecuador's neoliberal failure/ Cons and the conned, begin to see the light/ Exploiting guest workers/ Poverty and capitalism/ A threatened Democracy. Food Insecurity: Capitalism is not Christian/ The barren earth of 2000/ Christian principles/ Cuts that kill/ Tossing half of all food, while Americans go hungry/ You can't support Trump and be Christian/ Anti-Christ Ayn/ Ending the long scam


TFYCPO #171 (2016.08.21)

August 21st, 2016

The Destroyer Of Worlds: August 6th, 1945/ Obama's Hiroshima Visit/ A Nuclear Trump/  The football and the biscuit/  The 70 year Bikini Island fallout/ Voting From The Rooftops: Australia's 20 year experiment/ American tragedies/ An armed, loving, God/ NRA owns the USA/ Racial resentment and guns/ America First/ Modern racial nods/ Fear of an armed black man/ 2nd Amendment remedies/ Bullet box/ Rocky Suhadya / The White Nationalist awakening/ Racism Destroyed. Highlighting With Humor: These tiny hands/ The Tiny Hands PAC/ What Trump could learn from fish genitals/ Poorly educated/ "You" people/ A waste of time


TFYCPO #170 (2016.08.14)

August 15th, 2016

The Preeminent Threat To World Peace: Collecting blood money/ Dying for nothing/ From FDR to Obama/ Creating AlQaeda and ISIL/ Scapegoating Muslims/ Khizr Khan/ Harry Sarfo/ A secretive ISIS branch/ Emni/ SOS International: ISIL profiteers/ The return of the Iraq architects/ Grant Collins/ Jimmy Massey/ Piling civilian casualties/The National Priorities Project/ Foreign funded soldiers, and the lack of oversight/ Foreign policy failure by design/ The ever expanding Presidential war powers/ Rosa Brooks/ A new Cross of Iron


TFYCPO #169 (2016.08.07)

August 8th, 2016

An Ethnocentric Nightmare: President Pence/ Echoes of Nixon '68/ The headline: Melania Obama/ The real story: Fear the brown horde/ 0.7%/ The white hooded Steve King/ The Trump Klan/ Digging up the Benghazi victims/ The Chris Ladd Exodus/ Senator David Duke/ The last GOP President. High Stakes Hate, And Hope: Peter Thiel/ Tony Schwartz regret/ The white, straight, and male, Bernie or bust movement/ So you want a revolution?/ The coming casualties of that revolution/ Voter suppression efforts are falling/ The clear racial intentions behind voter ID/ The bait and switch on trade/ Platforms, platitudes, and the future