TFYCPO #168 (2016.06.23)

July 24th, 2016

The Berning Hill: The 1st sign/ It's about time and timing/ Trump courts the BernieCrats/ The FBI primary/ The last hope of Trumpeters, and BernieCrats/ The Democratic Platform/ The consequential Cornel West/ The most Progressive in history/ The Berning Hill in NC/ End of the road/ The endorsement/ Jeff Weaver, and Thom Hartmann seal it/ What's next?/ We Still Need A Future We Can Believe In: The current polls/ A Trump advantage/ A lesson from 2008/ The Notorious RBG/ Sexism and racism on the Trump trail/ Anti-women women/ The 2nd Nixon race/ It's 1968 again/ The affinity for dictators/ Trade: The winning issue/ Trump does NOT want to be President, Pence does/ Stay outraged


TFYCPO #167 (2016.07.17)

July 18th, 2016

Being Black In White America: Yes, black people fear police, here is why...A tough history/ Black Lives Matter/ Terrorists and activists/ Baton Rouge, Minneapolis, Dallas, repeat.../  Nakia Jones/ Philando and Alton/ Wept more than we slept/ live streaming a murder/ The children left behind/ The 150 Year Klan resurgence/ Rickkk Tyler/ Dead wrong gun arguments/ The NRA Congress/ More guns mean more dead Police/ Community policing/ Snoop and the LAPD/ Vigilant Police retaliation/ Ramsey Orta/ Eugene Stoner/ Finding a solution/ A call for war, a plea for peace/ Keller Nixon


TFYCPO #166 (2016.07.04)

July 3rd, 2016

The Sanders Era: The new focus/ Bern and Hill/ Brand New Congress/ The Working Families Party/ The People's Summit/ The fading divide/ A GrassRoots army. The Court, The Race, And The Racist: Nine blacks v nine whites/ Rape of a student/ "Kill the Jew" returns/ The real world consequences/ Uniting White Nationalists/ Softening racist policies/ Immigrant labor/ George Will exits/ Thomas defends domestic abusers/ Texas loses/ The Supreme reality/ Remaining inequality/ William J Hager/ 335 times more/ Republican amnesia