TFYCPO #165 (2016.06.26)

June 26th, 2016

State Sponsored Terror: Western Allies/ The right-wing talking points/ The truth/ Religious leaders praise the slaughter/ Sohail Ahmed/ Self hatred/ Reagan and Obama on the AR 15 ban/ The JV team/ Criminals and thugs/ The Right-wingers now LOVE our LGBT brothers and sisters/Terror at no cost/ The Amnesty report/ The NRA and ISIL alliance/ Hasan Minhaj/ The NRA Congress/ Debunking the talking points/ The solution is neither popular nor profitable/ We are killing ourselves/ Defending the wholesale slaughter of our children/ In memoriam: Dylan Christopher Jack Hockley


TFYCPO #164 (2016.06.19)

June 20th, 2016

The Long Roar: The end of the race?/ A coup against DWS and the DNC/ Shaping the platform/ Zogby, Ellison, McKibben, Parker, and West/ Bernie isn't going anywhere/  A perplexed Hillary, Pivots/ Using Trump's words, against Trump/ A tale of two presidencies/ The raid/ The failed counterpunch/ The Benghazi talking point/ The E-mail talking point/ Hannity, and the rest of right-wing radio, feels your pain, BernieCrats/ The acceptance stage of grief/ When you lost, I lost too/ Single Payer in the balance/ War and health care, are my issues/ Continuing the fight/ A social fight without end/ Don't boo, Vote!/ Bern it up


TFYCPO #163 (2016.06.12)

June 12th, 2016

Disaster Capitalism: Investors banking on the next crash/ Donald defends disaster capitalism/ Tax avoidance, and the price of a civilized society/ Post WW2 economic royalists/ High level Presidential appointments/ Thomas Perez/ The wrecking crew/ Libertarians against the Civil Rights Act/ Billionaires and suckers/ Profitable corruption/ The "bullet box" option. Victory Is Uncertain: What the hell is Paul Ryan doing?/ Presidential ads/ High profile speeches/ Honestly, what's the endgame? Power, Positioning, and Poetry: Laws allowing hate/ A false equivalence/ The Justice Dept suit/ Lynch speaks directly to the affected/ Dismantling the myths/ The right wing hypocrisy/ Ellen's Poetry


TFYCPO #162 (2016.06.05)

June 5th, 2016

Fear Is Your Only God: Authoritarian temptation/ Cross of iron/ End of the Republic/ Nuclear threat/ A Savage influence/ Armed fairy tales/ Gun nuts/ The Conservative mind/ Commencement speeches against hate/ Unconsciousness reactions/ Normalizing violence/ The shift/ The purple line/ Red and Blue against oligarchy. Dear Jon: 8 months have passed/ An indictment of the profit-driven Media/ Jon and Bernard hold a mirror to America, and Americans recoil/ Ending our adversarial tactics, in an attempt to unite