TFYCPO #157 (2016.04.26)

April 26th, 2016

The Threat of Peace and Equality: The Pope vs Citizens United/Blasting unbridled capitalism/ Dung of the Devil/ The Vatican invite/ Sanders speech to the Pontifical Academy of Social Sciences/ Walls and bridges/ The Conservative media vs the Pope/ The Hotel Du Pont incident/ The Patriotic Millionaires/ Facts about inequality/ The hypocrisy of helping the poor/ Bernie marches with Verizon workers/ While Hillary gives a paid speech to their Board/ The top 0.1%/ A universal basic income/ A new New Deal/ The trickle down myth/ An un-Christian Nation/We have the means, what we lack is the will


TFYCPO #156 (2016.04.18)

April 18th, 2016

When A Winning Streak Means You're Unelectable: 8 of the last 9 contests/ 27,000 in NY, and 3 cities in 12 hours/ The road from 3%/ The next front: NY/ "NY values" takes center stage/ From a Bronx Crowd, to a Bronx protest/ The media Obsession/ The Sunday show slant/  The days of the loss leader/ The dumb fight over qualifications/ The problem with profit/ They're with her. Rigged, For Her Pleasure/ The DNC vs The "rabble"/ 33 states, sell their Super Delegates/ A corrupt system/ Trump weighs in on the corrupt system/ Then he corrupts it further/ Trouble for Hillary on the trail/ Fear of the American electorate


TFYCPO #155 (2016.04.10)

April 11th, 2016

TFYCPO #155 (2016.04.10) - Voter Suppression In Wisconsin, And America: A Wisconsin win/ Sanders v Walker/ BallotPedia and Propublica facts/ Glenn Grothman tells the truth/ Literacy tests/ A poll tax/ Myths and facts/ Todd Allbaugh/ Backroom deals/ Giddy about disenfranchisement/ It's not about fraud/Paul Weyrich/ They don't care what you think/ They don't want you voting/ The threat of Democracy. Children Of The GOP: Political exertion/ Never Trump/ The Kasich strategy/ The Kochs pick Paul Ryan/ The Ryan for President movement/ The childish antics/ The reasoning skills of a 5 year old/ Leave the spouses out of it, unless they're Democrats/ Batsh#t crazy/ Frank Luntz/ Welcoming the GOP voters, who have no one to vote for


TFYCPO #154 (2016.04.03)

April 4th, 2016

Making America Hate Again: The Sikh casualties/ The Graham death prediction/ Nazis and burkas/ The Muslim murders/ The tripling of hate crimes/ The Muslim patrols/  Cruz, Trump, and the Klan agree/ The list of crimes immediately following San Bernardino/ Confronting the Cruz hate/ White, Christian, terrorism/ 7 times more likely/ The denial of white terrorism/ DiBlasio and Bratton respond/ The failed Muslim patrols/ Getting to the root of American fear/ The southern secessionists, the "Indomnitables"/ The internet negates the wall/  Frank Hyman and the southern white Con/ History with Tim Wise/ Some of us are working towards a positive solution, and a more cohesive country/ Some of us are not/ The Bernie dreamers/ Maajid Nawaz and the Quilliam Foundation/ How do we really make America great...