TFYCPO #153 (2016.03.27)

March 28th, 2016

The Strict Constitutionalists: The passing of Scalia/ The battle in the Senate/ The Constitutional argument/ The Unconstitutional behavior/ The Wild eyed conspiracy theories/ The theories are legitimized by a Presidential Candidate/ The mourning of a hard core racist/ The search for a new racist. Article Six: No Religious Test: Open Season/ God's American warriors/ The Christian victims/ Are we electing a pastor, or a President?/ Fear of a Jewish President/ Spirituality/ Fear of an Atheist President/ We're all in this together/ Why the Church prefers the "Born Again"/ Does religion matter in politics?/ Why it shouldn't/ A Secular society/ The golden rule


TFYCPO #152 (2016.03.20)

March 21st, 2016

Then They Fight You, Then You Win: The undemocratic superdelegates/ Jeff Berman, Bill Shaheen, and other lobbyist superdelegates/ Wall Street's Larry Fink is ready for Hillary, and ready to run her Treasury Dept./ Eisenhower's 91% tax rate, and the Sanders plan/ 62 people are now wealthier than 3.5 billion/ Raging economic inequality/ The US oligarchy, and the oligarch's candidate/ The Bernie Bros./ Carl Wolfson, Dan Savage, and the Dem v Dem battles/ Understanding the "Hillary Never" movement/  Primary voter bullying/ It's the primaries, dream as big as you want...


TFYCPO #151 (2016.03.13)

March 13th, 2016

The Disintegration Of The GOP:Kindness, charity, and a kill list/ The brutalism of Ted Cruz/ The life span disparity/ "Trickle Down" begins to crumble/ The continued job loss, from trade deals/ Conservative race economics/ The moderate Conservatives speak out/ Fear of an all white party/ Bombast, and irresponsible journalism/ Making money on the way up, and down/ Les Moonves/ Death, and renewal in the American body politics


TFYCPO #150 (2016.03.06)

March 6th, 2016

Hate In America Part II: Religious Freedom, Articulate Racism, And An All White Party...The dog whistle language of "religious freedom"/ Pastor Swanson and Pastor Bickle/ God's Jew hunter/ Hate in State Houses/ Birtherism is racist/ The black and white of racial politics/ Articulate racism/ Longing for the plantation economy/ The Republicans and the Democrats have failed black America/ Don't pander for votes, Work for psolutions/ Bernie Sanders in1992, post Rodney King/ Trump, the Klan, and an all white Army